Saturday, December 15, 2007

Gift from Lisa at the Allatoona Guild

I forgot to post the picture of the gift that Lisa, our President made for the officers and committee chairs. I can't believe the work she put into each one. Here is my clock that she made for me. Lisa digitized and embroidered the quilt blocks that mark the hours and then put our names on the clocks. She also added AQG (Allatoona Quilt Guild) and 2007. This is far above and beyond anything I could even imagine. It is absolutely beautiful and will look great wherever I decide to hang it. It is so nice that I want it somewhere that I will look at it frequently so am thinking about putting it in my quilting studio but that would mean the only one who would see it would be me. Perhaps I better rethink that and put it somewhere in the main part of the house so I can show it to everyone who comes here.

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