Tuesday, December 18, 2007

San Francisco

I am here in San Francisco with my daughter and her family. Emilio is 4 years old and I forgot how active a four year old is. I will need a vacation after being here for a week!

I brought a small sewing machine I purchased a couple of years ago on sale at Sears. My daughter has an old machine here that I gave her but it didn't have a 1/4 inch foot and since I had this one still in the box, I brought it in my carry-on. It always makes for interesting conversation with the x-ray guy as he tries to figure out what it is.

Anyway, I brought with me the fabric for a Wacky Devine Nine for the shop. The line of fabric I got to make it from is bright and cheerful and should make an interesting quilt. I got the first cut and sewing done this morning (my body is still on East Coast time here in San Francisco) but couldn't find the iron so started cutting my strips for Bonnie's Mystery quilt I brought my lime green, purple and pink batiks with me. I hope to get at least the first couple of clues done while I am here, along with the Wacky Devine Nine.

I have the iron now, but also have Emilio. Christina left to get her hair cut. We were going to go with her and walke around downtown but it is raining so we decided to stay home until later. Will do a little more sewing this afternoon. I think we are going to JoAnns later so we can make some steno book covers. Of course that means we also have to go to an office store to buy the books.

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