Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Christmas Block Exchange

Here are some of the blocks from the Christmas Exchange.

See the one on the left? My name was drawn and these 12 blocks came home with me. We also had enough fat quarters so that each winner got a fat quarter along with their blocks. If you see look at the second row, the one on the right has Elvis right in the middle of it. We had several Elvis blocks and I am glad I received one of them.

I have a confession. I won blocks last year and they are still in the bag they came home in. I am going to put the new ones in the same place as last years so that when I finally get around to making Christmas quilts, I will remember these. Last year we had non-traditional colors that include turquoise, orange, pink and similar colors. Many of the ladies did not like the fabric and we didn't have as many blocks turned in so we only got sets of 9 instead of 12.

This is one of the most fun things the guild does. People look forward to it every year and some people have several quilts made from blocks they have won. It is always fun to look at the finished quilts and remember what year the blocks were exchanged.

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  1. Those are great Christmas blocks. Your pincushion cat is adorable too.


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