Friday, November 09, 2007

Saturday Sampler and Dyed Fabric

Here is one of three Saturday Samplers from Tiny Stitches. This one is from the Bound to the Prairie line of fabrics. The others were bright on black and 30's reproductions. The customers got to choose which one they want to do. We also have two others going on - batiks and blue baskets but they started in July so have half a year left to go.

It is always a challenge to design finishing kits for these blocks. People always want to make a large quilt out of just 12 12-inch blocks and it is difficult, if not impossible. This year, we offered FQs for them to purchase to build out the blocks so they ended up 20 inches instead. Then at the end of the year, they can just sew them together and add a couple of borders and they are done. This one ended up 73 x 92.

I quilted it with a panto called Falling Leaves and it turned out great. The others were put together slightly differently but still look good and are easy for people to finish

I finally got my fabric from our dyeing session pressed and folded so I could take a photo. The colors are much too light for my taste so I may re-dye them at a later time. They are pretty and maybe could be used for backgrounds but aren't vibrant enough for anything else.

Danielle and I went to a craft show today but all I bought is an apple pie for my husband. They have a great bake sale but I was disappointed in the crafts. I didn't find anything to buy.

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