Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Christmas Quilt

Since it is almost Thanksgiving, it is almost time to get out my Christmas Quilt. I love this quilt!

Christmas GMFG

This is my Y2K quilt that I worked on in 1999 and 2000. It has exactly 2000 1-inch hexagons that are hand pieced using English Paper Piecing. I was traveling a lot during that time - I really mean a lot. I was on a plane 2-6 times every week. Since this was before 9/11, I was able to take scissors and all sorts of things that aren't allowed now on the plane.

I had traded 2-1/2 inch squares of Christmas fabric with other quilters from around the world. I then cut each square down to fit on the paper pieces, basted them on the papers and then whipped them together. I did blocks of 25 and when I had all 2000 attached in groups of 25, started putting them together. Once I had them all together, it wasn't large enough for my bed so I appliqued the top on to two borders that I had already sewn together.

It now fits on my bed and I usually put it on the day after Thanksgiving and keep it there until New Year's Day so thought I would show it again before it goes on the bed.

The quilt on the wall behind it is called Almost Twilight. I made this several years ago with my sister at a retreat in Wisconsin. It is designed by Jan Krueger who will be coming to ECQG next year and will be doing a workshop teaching this quilt. It is also one of my favourite quilts.


  1. Your Christmas quilt is amazing...no wonder you love it!
    What a lot of work in that thing!
    I enjoyed reading about your little fur babies too!

  2. what a great quilt! I too swapped with over 300 persons (if not more) and had sooooo many charms for Y2K. My Y2K quilt is on my bed right now as well, but it's purple and green!

  3. Your xmas quilt is amazing! All those little hexagons, but sounds like you have lots of memories of making it too. Do you change the quilt hanging behind the bed too or is that a permanent feature?

  4. Both quilts are lovely and what a great tribute for the Y2K quilt. I like the overall effect of the hexagon quilt that you did.

  5. 1 inch hexagons!!! Woo Hoo! It's beautiful. Good for you! I love the quilt on the wall too. Very nice.

  6. Love that charm quilt... Mine have been squares so far...

    Care to share the rice pudding recipe with condensed milk?

  7. I love both these quilts, but the hexagon one on your bed is amazing. I'm a big fan of scrap quilts--the scrappier, the better. Beautiful work.


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