Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Guild Board Meeting today

We had our board meeting today and because of election day, we met at the library. Part of the discussion was about a special project day we are having late in November. We decided to have little workshops showing gifts to make.

I am going to teach how to make a Steno notebook cover. The above is one that I received as a gift last year. When my sister and I were in Las Vegas, we took it off the notebook and measured to make more. It is really very simple to make. This one is not quilted but I think I will quilt the next one. This has a panel print on the front but the one I am going to teach will have a pen/pencil holder instead.

Here is the notebook open. The cover is folded so that the whole cover is inside the cover.

Here is the back - very simple!

This is the quilt that I finished quilting last night. Kim made it for her doggies and it is really cute. Since it was small, I custom quilted it.

Tomorrow we are meeting at the quilt shop and sewing on the President's Quilt for ECQG. It is a simple quilt but I have 185 6-inch blocks. It is large enough that I don't think it will need a border. I may post a photo tomorrow since I don't think Libby reads my blog. She loves civil war repros so I have people make two 6-inch square in a square blocks. One with red corners and a gold center plus one with gold corners and red centers.

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