Monday, November 05, 2007

More Quilting

I posted a couple more pictures on my webshots of quilts I finished in the past few days. I worked on a small quilt today that Kim made for her dogs. It is really cute and since it was small, I was able to custom quilt it for her and still keep it under my minimum charge.

Also, I bought some customer bags to deliver quilts in. Of course, they are lime green and people seem to enjoy getting them. It seem much more professional to deliver quilts in a nice bag rather than in a plastic bag. Previously, I had nice brown paper bags and they were nice but these are really nice.

I still have lots of quilts to do before Christmas so will just keep plugging along. I quit taking customer quilts for Christmas a couple of weeks ago but people still keep calling. Even when I tell people that I am not taking any more Christmas quilts, they bring them anyway for me to do after Christmas so January is getting booked. I guess I shouldn't complain. I do love quilting for others so am grateful that people seem to like what I do for them.

I think that all the other local quilters are full before Christmas so it is a shame that people wait so long to get on the list. Somehow people don't realize that we all have a backlog and think that we can drop everything to get their quilts done.

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