Friday, November 02, 2007


I have many customer quilts to finish before Christmas so I have been concentrating on them.

The one above is called Bodacious and was made by Charlotte. She is going to teach this quilt at Tiny Stitches. I have more photos of it on my webshots in album Customer Quilts 2007 - 2. I also completed 3 more quilts in the last few days and will post photos to webshots in the next day or so.

My mouth feels better today but is still a little sore. Don't get the permanent crowns in until the end of November.

Tomorrow is the first Saturday of the month. That means that we start early at the shop for Saturday Sampler. It is a madhouse on the first Saturday of each month. We open early so it makes a very long day. I never get any quilting done on Saturdays because I am so tired from working. Since I only work Saturdays and Sundays, I guess I can stand being tired one day a week. Sunday is an easy day since we are only open 4 hours.

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