Sunday, November 18, 2007

Max - the Yorkie and Chula - the Chihuahua

We are owned by two dogs. The first photo is of Chula. She would be a great dog instead of just a wonderful one if she didn't shed so much. It is hard to imagine how much hair she can shed. We adopted her about 8 years ago from the Atlanta Chihuahua Rescue group.

She is a calm, beautiful dog and we were so lucky to get her. She knows that Max is the top dog and that seems to be fine with her. She patiently waits for her turn to get fed. She expects Max to go first (so does he). She is my dog. We hoped when we got her that she would be Bill's dog but she definitely is mine. She waits for me to go to bed. Max and Bill went about 1/2 hour ago but Chula is sitting on the couch waiting for me. When I turn out the light she jumps down and is ready to go. She used to run up before me but now waits for me to pick her up and carry her - she is getting old too.

The next photo is of Max. We got him from a breeder about 12 years ago when he was a little more than 6 weeks old and weighed about a pound. He was just a little fuzzball but made the most amazing amount of noise that first night. We had him in a dog bed in the back hallway where we could close it off. We didn't realize that there was a heat vent that led from there directly up to our bedroom. He cried all night!

I don't remember how long he slept downstairs but it wasn't very long and has slept with us since then. He used to be able to jump on the bed by himself but as he gets older, he now comes to my side of the bed and woofs to let me know he wants up.
See the toy hedgehog on the carpet behind him? He was given one like that about his first or second Christmas by my daughter Christina. He absolutely loves Hedgie and takes him to bed every night. After repairing Hedgie many, many times, I finally found more at Petsmart and bought a lifetime supply.

He has one downstairs and one upstairs but I don't think he knows there are two. Every night, Bill takes them outside and then to bed - when Max comes in he runs to get Hedgie to take him to bed. We take Hedgie from him and he is always surprised to find Hedgie waiting for him on the bed!

It is amazing how much love there is in dogs. They mean so much to us and sometimes we wonder what we used to talk about before we had them. It seems like there is always something to discuss about them.

I am teaching the Guacamole quilt classes tomorrow - class 2 of 3. The first class is in the morning and then the evening class is at 6:30 in the evening. I have a quilt to finish quilting in the afternoon so will have another busy day.

Today after work, Mary and I used the classroom to sort out blocks for the guild. We have a Christmas block challenge every year and this year I was in charge. We gave a FQ of Christmas fabric to each person who wanted to participate and they could make up to 5 blocks. For each block they make, their name is put into a drawing. We make up quilt-sized packages of blocks and draw names for them.

This year we had over 120 blocks turned in so I went to the dollar store and bought flannel backed tablecloths to sort them on. We were able to put together 10 sets of 12 blocks plus one extra set for a tablerunner of 3 blocks. Should be a fun addition to the Christmas party.

I forgot my camera today so didn't get photos of the quilt block sorting but I will take one of the focus fabric that was used in each block and a few sample blocks tomorrow.


  1. your babies are adorable! I love the hedgie story!!

  2. So much fun to read about your doggies. Chula sounds like a sweetie pie, and I love "Max and the Hedgies." That's too cute, and so is Max. I know what you mean about the love that dogs give. Our life must have been pretty boring before we got our Sophie--I really don't remember. Thanks for the stories.


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