Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Bird in the Quilting Studio

I forgot to mention the excitement this morning. I was down in the quilting studio working on my customer quilt when a small bird flew overhead. Now my quilting studio is a room in the basement. We have a drive under garage that is very long and Bill enclosed the back of the garage for my studio when I first got my Gammill. It has one window with a window air conditioner in it since the basement is not heated or air conditioned. It does have two doors but is completely enclosed and separated from the garage.

Somehow, a bird got in there. My husband often leaves the large garage doors open while working outside and I keep telling him this isn't a good idea. I think he believes me now. When I went to Tiny Stitches for the sew-in, we opened the window a few inches, propped open the door and turned out the light. Then we opened up both the large garage doors. Apparently, the bird found his way outside. At least when I went down this afternoon and evening, I didn't see him. I hope he is gone.

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  1. Poor little scared thing! We've been getting sparrows IN THE FARAGE STOVE flue pipe - we don't use it often fortunately. It falls down the pipe, and stops at the ???? that little gate-like thing that swivels back and forth. Of course, we're not in the garage very often, to listen to one flailing about -- there have been 3 so far, that we've SAVED from a terrible fate! Poor stupid little critters.


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