Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Wacky Devine Nine

We had community service today at guild. I taught from a pattern by my sister called "Wacky Devine Nine" which uses nine fat quarters. Each person brought their own nine fat quarters, that coordinate. They will need to add borders but the goal today was to get the center top done and five of them finished. There were several others that have the blocks completed and just need to do the final assembly. This first picture is of a blue and beige top. The colors are even prettier in person.

Next is a very bright quilt with cute kids prints. There is some green in some of the prints and I think she is going to put a narrow green border on it before a wider border of one of the prints.

These are dog and cat prints! It is really cute. She is talking about a black and white narrow border before adding a wider border.

Next is a quilt from green, beige and various reds. It is beautiful also.

The last completed top is from a Thimbleberries collection. She wants to use of some of her stash and is happy with how this turned out.

We do community service on the 5th Tuesday when there is one. That gives us 4 days a year that we get together to make quilts or other charity projects. Many of our members do more but we sew together on these days. Our goal this year is to make enough quilts that we can give them to the local police for them to use when they are in an emergency situation with children.

We plan to make cool-ties for the soldiers at our next community service day. We did it twice last year and made about 100 so we want to make even more this time.

We have changed the day to include lunch. Today, we had Subway sandwiches that the local Subway donated to us. Our leader asked for a discount and the manager said he would donate them to us. If you are near Acworth, GA be sure to get a sandwich at the Subway in the new Wal-Mart on Hwy. 41 - they are wonderful people there.


  1. I love that pattern. Some great quilts in the making.

  2. These are cute quilts - and a cute pattern. I like the subtler ones the best - the blues and the green/red one.


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