Monday, January 22, 2007

Color Challenge

At the Allatoona Quilt Guild meeting earlier this month we started a color challenge. The basis of the challenge is the each person picked out two crayons from a box of 96. Of course, they were not allowed to actually choose their colors, the box was held over their heads and they randomly choose two crayons. Mine are posted below.
I picked Hot Magenta and Cyber Grape - bright pink and bright purple. This probably isn't quite as much of a challenge for me as it is for some of the members who like calm county colors but still not colors I would have picked for myself.

The rules are that you must make something quilty using SIGNIFICANT, RECOGNIZABLE amounts of these two colors. The next photo is the two fabrics that I chose to use for the challenge.

The purple looks blue in the photo but is purple and matches the crayon pretty well. The pink is much brighter in person.

I had signed up for a workshop on Thursday for a class with Sharyn Craig. She is our speaker at my other guild, East Cobb Quilt Guild and is teaching two workshops. I signed up for the "Glorified Nine Patch" workshop and decided to make a small quilt for either my granddaughter Hanna or to donate.

Next step was to add a background color. At our meeting in early January, we had a color expert talk with us about the color wheel so my next step was to get out the color wheel and decide what to do next. What I decided to use is in the next photo.

Yes, my favorite lime green! Not sure you will be able to sleep under this quilt without wearing sunglasses but it should be fun. I will post some pictures of the blocks I get done after the workshop.

I found some fun floral fabrics that might work for a border but will decide on that after I get some blocks done. The challenge isn't due until May so I have plenty of time to piece it and get it quilted.

I am still quilting on the ECQG's raffle quilt so that comes first.

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