Sunday, January 21, 2007

Scarf from Yarn and Ribbon

At our last FiberArtBee meeting Sharon led us in making scarfs from yarn and ribbon. I finally finished mine a couple of days ago and actually wore it to work at the quilt shop today.

These were easy to make a a lot of fun. We used Ultra Solvy, put it on a table and sprayed it with basting spray. Then we just started putting yarns and ribbons out. I used lots of blues, purples and a few of my favorite lime green. I was able to use some of the fiber packages that Linda and I got in Paducah. I love to buy them and love to look at them, but rarely get around to actually making something from them.

Anyway, after laying out all the yarn, we sprayed the whole thing with the basting spray again and put a second piece of Solvy on top. At that point, we stitched across all the fibers about 1 inch apart and when finished with that, did the length about the same distance apart, making a thread mesh on top of the yarns.

Then the really hard part - washing out the Solvy. That stuff is really sticky. I rinsed and rinsed but it is still a little stickly. Back into the sink tomorrow to do it again and maybe again. I am sure eventually it will rinse completely out.

I love our little Bee - we have so much fun trying things out that we would probably never do by ourselves.


  1. Anonymous7:32 PM

    I love this scarf, Melinda. I might give it a try some day. The colors are gorgeous.

  2. That sounds like a really fun project to do. Hope you get all the glue out on your next wash!


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