Monday, March 16, 2009

Four Season Quilt Swap 5

I received my quilt from the Four Season Swap a few weeks ago. In fact, I actually got two quilts and I posted about them here. At the retreat this last week I finished the one I am sending and got it quilted yesterday and bound. I got the label on it today and took it to the post office so it is on it's way to it's new home. I hope my partner likes it.

I saw a photo of a similar quilt somewhere on the web and decided to use it as an inspiration. The colors were different and I like how mine turned out. The inspiration quilt used 5 inch squares and mine are only 2 inches so it is a cute little quilt.

You can see the quilting better from the back of the quilt. I really like it and am pleased with how it turned out.


  1. The new owner will be delighted!

  2. I love the quilting. You did a wonderful job.

  3. Wow! You have made a wonderful quilt. I am sure your partner will be delighted.

  4. Just got it in my mailbox and just love it. Thank you very much.


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