Saturday, March 21, 2009

Cupcake Pin Cushions

For the retreat earlier this month, Mary and I decided to make a little treat for each person attending.  I found silicone cupcake wrappers on sale and we made a little cupcake for each person.  We got some bright pins to put in each like sprinkles.


I found two different Mardi Gras fabrics to make the pin cushions.  Mary made the ones with the diamonds on top and I made the Mardi Gras feathers.  We discovered that it was a bit of a challenge to get the actual pin cushion to stick in the cupcake wrapper.  I tried several types of glue but finally figured out that hot glue used generously around the inside of the wrapper would work.  The reason that silicone is used for non-stick items it that nothing sticks to it. 

We had planned on putting velcro on the bottom so that they could stick the pin cushion on the sewing machines but we couldn’t get it to stick to the silicone so we gave up.  They were very cute and everyone seemed to like receiving them.

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  1. I LOVE your Mardi Gras cupcake pincushions, Melinda! And this gives me a great idea- to make them for students in my classes. I love your blog- very inspirational- and FUN!


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