Sunday, March 15, 2009

Surprise Quilt

One of the surprises in our goodie bags at the retreat was a jar full of cotton candy - little pieces of fabric wrapped like candy. Along with the jar full of candy, there was a pattern using them. Each of the jars had a number on it and Dave gave away the sample quilt he had made as he developed the pattern.

It turns out that Rose won the quilt. She was so excited. Rose makes lots of quilts for others and was thrilled to have one that was made for her. See all the little scraps of fabric on the quilt - those were in each of our jars. It shows that all scraps go together if you use enough of them and cut them small enough. Dave also included four squares of Mardi Gras fabric in each jar so we can use the quilts as a remembrance of the retreat.

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  1. Would you or the person who designed the quilt be willing to share the pattern directions. I am willing to pay for them. The portion of the quilt that is shown in the picture posted is very pretty. I am always on the lookout for scrap patterns.
    Thank you,
    Susan R.


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