Sunday, March 08, 2009

Mad at the USPS

I finally got around to mailing an ORT jar and pillowcase to my sister in California. I went to the post office and used the fancy machine in the lobby. It weighs the envelope and asks you a bunch of questions, including the zip code you are mailing to. Works great and the package was on the way to California!

Wrong! It came back yesterday with postage due of 34 cents. If I had guessed at the postage, I wouldn't be surprised but the postage was calculated by the stupid machine. On top of that, they put the postage due sticker right over Robin's address (it seems to be removable but it tells you to put the additional postage on it - how would that work?). I put a 37 cent stamp on the package, crossed out the postage due sticker (the other option printed on it) and stuck it back in the mail box at the post office tonight. Hopefully it will be on its way to California this time.


  1. I'm beginning to wonder if Shelli and I are meant to receive our gifts. I'll let you know when/if it arrives.

    Your favorite sister,


  2. I would go into the post office and talk to a real live person and complain. Someone should fix the machine.

  3. The reason it did that, is you probably had it rated as a large envelope which should flat and even like it had papers in it. And it really was a parcel/package, kinda lumpy. Better it came back to you the next day, than get all the way to Cali and ask your sister for the 34 cents. Also those yellow stickers are removable, we don't want you to put the postage on the sticker, we want the postage on the package. Ever since they changed the rules of letters, flats and parcels, everyone gets them confused. (Use to go by weight alone) I know why they did it, but they need to have some kinda of explanation above or on the APC machines, to help out the customer better. This same situation happens all the time.


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