Friday, March 06, 2009

March 1 - Snow Day in Atlanta

Well, it might be March but we had a snow day. It started snowing about mid-morning and snowed for a few hours. By the time the store closed, it was raining a little and getting really cold. Here is my little car with a layer of snow on it.

I was at Tiny Stitches for Elm Creek Club. Maetha and I weren't sure if we would have any customers with the bad weather but three of the ladies were there even before we opened.

After talking to them, they decided to skip making and talking about Elm Creek. I showed them the ORT jar and they all decided they wanted to make one. I had all the stuff in my tote bag to make them so I taught them how to make a jar each.

Here are the finished jars.

Here they are all closed up. I really like how the striped fabric looks when twisted and closed up.
We will get back to Elm Creek next month.

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