Sunday, September 06, 2015

Veteran’s Quilts at Allatoona Quilter’s Guild

Last March at our annual retreat the theme was Rosie the Riveter Goes to Red Top Mountain.  During the retreat we all made blocks that would be made into quilts for local veterans.  Over 53 people worked on the quilts and we ended up with six quilts.  All the same basic pattern but different fabrics and they ended up different sizes.  The members of the guild were asked to nominate local veterans to receive a quilt and we found six wonderful veterans who were able to join us for the presentation of the quilts and recognition of their service.

Last Tuesday we had the presentation of quilts. The six gentlemen in the photo joined us to received quilts.  On the right, in the blue shirt, is Cathy Wells, the mother of Skip Wells.  I am sure you all know who Skip is.  He is one of the five service members serving in Chattanooga, when he and his fellow Marines (along with a Navy man)  were killed by a terrorist. This happened in July.  He was only 21 years and is the grandson of Pat Trapanese, one of our members and my good friend.  Pat is standing behind her daughter.  Her husband (Skip’s grandfather) is on her side.

0915 Brenda Carroll's Photo

After the moving ceremony, we moved to another room and had a wonderful picnic with fried chicken supplied by the guild.  The rest of the food was furnished by members of the group – I took deviled eggs and a blackberry cobbler.  It was a wonderful picnic lunch and at each place was an American Flag pin as a remembrance of a wonderful day.

It made us all proud to be able to show a small amount of thanks for our freedom that is represented by veterans like these and many, many more.  Thank your for service.



  1. What a beautiful gift your guild gave to these deserving veterans. I'm sure they really appreciated it.

  2. What an awesome thing to do!


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