Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Beginning Machine Piecing Class Six

Another great class last night.  First we had a little party with the ice cream, blackberry cobbler, pineapple bacon pound cake, cookies, cheesy bread sticks, ranch crackers, apricot bars and more!  Yum!  Here is the ice cream being made.

0915 - Ice Cream

I used a recipe from Martha Stewart that involved vanilla beans and a custard base.  Takes a lot of time but it was worthwhile. Here is a link to the recipe I used.

We worked on flying geese blocks.

0915 - 10915 - 4

0915 - 30915 - 5

0915 - 60915 - 7

Next week we start putting the quilts together.


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  1. Pineapple, apple pound cake. Oh my lord I don't know if that sounds good or just fattening, but I bet it was good.


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