Wednesday, April 11, 2012

April is my Bee Month

April is my Bee month and I almost forgot.  I am getting the packages out today.  Last year I used a layer cake and had everyone make me star blocks – they were wonderful. 

I haven’t put them together into a quilt yet and found another layer cake of the same line.  I decided to ask for stars again and I will put them all together to make a larger quilt.

For some reason, the email with the addresses didn’t make it to my inbox and I have been so busy that I forgot to check on it – actually I completely forgot that April is my month.  I am late but everything will go in the mail today.  In the note I am letting them know that I don’t expect to see the blocks in April – they can take their time since it is my fault they are getting the packages late.

Here is the kitchen table where I am working on the packages to go out.

I have some other things that need to go in the mail and I have a Beginning Machine Piecing class starting tonight.  No morning class this session, just evening.



  1. I can't wait to make another block for you. It's funny looking at these and having you say you had requested star blocks. I'm hoping it was a variation because even seeing the one I did, I'm thinking to myself "what was I thinking, it's not too star-like?" :)

  2. I finished your block today, and even packaged and addressed it, so it should go out on Monday, April 30. What a treat to work with such gorgeous fabrics! By the way. I was in Tiny Stitches earlier this month on a trip to Atlanta, and asked for you, hoping to meet someone whose blog I read, but you weren't in. Oh well, maybe on another trip.


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