Saturday, April 14, 2012

Another Quilt I Want to Make Someday


This is a quilt made by Michelle’s daughter several years ago.  Michelle brought it to retreat to put the border on and complete it for her daughter.  I love the bright colors and the way she mitered the corners of the border.  Michelle is a wonderful quilter and it will be fun to see how she quilts this.  The little block on top of the quilt is not part of the quilt, it is another project Michelle was multi-tasking at the retreat.



  1. that reminds of a pattern from a book I have called SEW ONE AND YOU'RE DONE, it basically one block enlarged into a 40"some quilt, fast to make, just careful cutting as the pieces are large, but I used to make a bunch from that book

  2. Great quilt- I did one like this years ago. I think it got worn out by my youngest son, and yes I'd like to make it bright colors, rather than the dusty blues/browns I used for his. Soooooooo many quilts to make - must sew faster - LOL!


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