Sunday, September 11, 2011

Stitching Sunday -Winter Wonderland Progress

I didn’t get much done on my Winter Wonderland block this week.  Turn in for the quilt show is this afternoon and most of the week was used up with meeting and last minute plans for the show.

Even with the show going on this week, I should be able to finish this block.  I just have some snowflakes to stitch and it will be done.  The snowflakes may be small but some of them have a lot of stitching on them.

I have my car packed, there are eight quilts in pillowcases on top of the other stuff.  I have my own four quilts and four more from friends that were unable to take their quilts to the turn in themselves.  Judging starts tomorrow!


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  1. G'day Melinda. That block is just beautiful. Is it a single block or a series that will make a quilt? Take care. Liz...


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