Thursday, September 29, 2011

Block Lotto

Every month I decide I want to make the blocks for Block Lotto.  What keeps me from doing it right away is the requirement that the fabric be washed.  I don’t usually prewash my fabric so I pick out the fabric, wash it and then make the blocks.  By the end of the month I usually haven’t done all that.

This month’s blocks are curved rails made from batiks.  I really wanted to make them and got around to it this morning.  You can’t imagine how many ways I sewed them together wrong but finally got them done correctly.  Here are my nine blocks.

When I went to post the blocks, Block Lotto was not listed as one of my blogs I can post at so I hope I can get these posted in time.  If not, they will be a great quilt on their own.


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  1. Melinda, I didn't think I removed you, but when I checked you were no longer on the list of 100 people with author permissions. I've copied over your photo to the Block Lotto blog and added your blocks to the list. Good luck in the drawing tomorrow.


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