Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Getting My Quilts Ready for the Quilt Show

Turn in for the quilt show is Sunday and here is what my quilts look like.

The top one needs the sleeve sewn down.  The second one needs both the label and the sleeve sewn down and the bottom one needs the label finished, the sleeve needs to be sewn on one side (I put the other side on with the binding and the binding needs to be sewn to the back.  Guess what I will be doing at night.

I went out and bought king size pillowcases to put the two largest quilts in – I have four and one is completely ready.  It is a two person quilt that Cindy Lee made and I quilted.  Fortunately she did the label and sleeve.  All it needs is the pillowcase.

I quilted the green quilt yesterday, made the sleeve and put the binding on by machine this morning.  Then I made labels for all three and the sleeves for the Gone With the Wind quilt and the Dog quilt.  Lots of handwork to do. Fortunately, I had already made pillowcases for these two quilts.


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  1. G'day melimda. Those quilts look great. I do like to top one. Take care. Liz...


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