Thursday, September 01, 2011

Did You Miss Me?

I haven’t posted since Monday.  When I got home Monday afternoon, the internet was down and Comcast said someone would be out to work on it Tuesday morning.  Of course they confirm the appointment over the internet with an email so I didn’t realize they copied the phone number down wrong.  Because we didn’t answer the wrong number, they cancelled the service call.  I called them again and they rescheduled the service guy for later in the day.  They then had a widespread problem in our area and cancelled our service call when they fixed the overall problem!!  Called them again and they scheduled another guy to come out.  He finally arrived yesterday afternoon and spent over two hours here.  He changed out the wires from outside, fixed something at the cable box on the street, finally changed out the modem, talked to Comcast on the phone for a long time and it started working.  He had no idea why it didn’t work and why it does work now.  Gives me a great deal of confidence in Comcast (sarcasm intended).

AT&T now has fiber optics in the neighborhood so next time this happens, I am going to switch to AT&T U-verse for TV and internet.  I switched from them to Comcast several years ago because they were unreliable but hopefully with fiber optics that has improved.  It is such a paid to change email addresses but I do have both a gmail account and a yahoo one so will use them instead.  At least that way, if I change again, it won’t be so painful.

Last night was Beginning Machine Piecing and we worked on friendship star blocks.  Here are a few of the log cabin from last week’s homework and a couple of friendship stars from last night. 

The night ended quickly with a call from Bill.  He had a blow out of his back right tire on his way to bowling – right on 75, one of the busiest interstates around.  Of course, he and his brother, while working on his truck a couple of weeks ago had messed with the spare tire and when they went to put it back up under the truck, found that the cable was damaged that holds it.  So, of course, being a typical man, he put the spare tire and the jack in the garage, not in the back seat of the truck where any sensible person would have put it.

So, off I go to 75, pull over to the right in traffic and pick him up, leaving the truck pitiful and flashing it’s hazard lights on the side of the road.  We come back home, pick up the spare tire and jack and head back to 75.  I pull over behind the truck and stay in the car, with the lights, hazard lights and everything on while he changes the tire.  Off he goes and we head back home.  At the next off ramp, we get off to turn around and I see him pulled over to the side of the northbound on ramp.  Once again, I stop behind him and he gets out to tell me he lost his cell phone.  It turns out it is on the floor of my car!  Not a good night but we both make it home safely in spite of the adventure.  By the way, it was his birthday yesterday!  Good thing for him or I might have just left him on the highway.  After work today, he is headed off to buy two new tires.

I need a nap!



  1. I was just getting ready to call you to see if everything was all right. Sorry to hear about your internet problems and the flat tire. May I suggest AAA roadside service???

  2. OMGosh your post made me laugh, which made me feel bad since I so feel your pain! The Comcast pain, the spare tire in the garage pain. Geeze Louise. All's well that ends well, no!?

  3. Well at least it was in Interesting day. Probably a little mor interesting than what you needed. I have Verizon fiber optics and have been very happy.

  4. Dang - I started a comment, and poof, it disappeared! Oh well.

    Sorry to hear about the car problems, and glad everything eventually turned out okay. Hearing about that makes us realize we should be thankful EVERY DAY that we have reliable transportation and no mechanical problems.

    I was dissatisfied with Comcast and recently switched to U-Verse and love it! Of course, if they had asked for my opinion, I would have done a few things differently with their channels, but thus far, I'm extremely happy. I signed up and got a reduced 6 month plan as well as $150 in VISA Gift Cards, so I'm a happy shopping gal! When my service goes up to full price, it will still be cheaper than it was with Comcast. I'm so happy. Hope you will be too, with whatever decision you make.

  5. Don't bother! They all stink!

    Trust me, I feel your pain re: Comcast customer no-service. We were thinking of switching until I had to wait for them at my parents' house one day. They messed up the appt. 3 times, and took over 2 weeks to get everything working.

    Hope your luck turns around and that you don't have to deal with a telecom company again any time soon!


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