Saturday, September 10, 2011

Progress on the Hometown House Quilt

I have most of the sashing on the quilt.  Just one more row to work on and it will be finished.  The fabric hanging on the design wall will be the border.  I hope to finish it tomorrow and quilt it Sunday morning before I go to quilt check in.  By the way, I found a lime green pillowcase I made for the last show and the large black, white and lime green quilt fit in it.  This will be third show the pillowcase has attended with a different quilt in it. Here is the one from two years ago.

and the one I put in the Bulloch Hall show earlier this year.

I guess you can tell that I like black, white and lime green!



  1. I think black and white looks good with anything and that lime green just makes it your quilts!

  2. What a happy qult that Hometown House quilt is becoming. Realy great!

  3. G'day. Beautiful, beautiful quilts. Just love the lime green. Take care. Liz...


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