Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Quilt Show Judging

Today was a full day of judging at the quilt show.  While the judges were hard at work, a few of us had time to check email.  Thank goodness for IPhones.

We have one more day of judging.  Tomorrow is also the day the poles and drapes get set up at the Civic Center.  Wish us luck.  For more information about the show go to



  1. Thanks for these "behind the scenes" reports from the Quilt Show! Your guild does an awesome job!

  2. At first glance, I thought you were all praying. :-)

  3. G'day.I was at the doctors this morning, waiting for my turn, which can sometimes be a long wait if he is running behind and to alleviate the boredom I got my iPhone out and was playing Patience on it and didn't even hear my name being called, so engrossed I was in the game. I don't think the Dr was impressed.I must admit I love my iPhone!!! Take care. Liz...


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