Sunday, January 16, 2011

Red and Aqua Blocks

I have been using my red and aqua swap blocks for leaders and enders recently and have turned 100 small blocks into 25 larger ones.  I am still doing some pressing but plan to put them up on the design wall later today.

Although this isn’t on my official UFO list, I have been wanting to get this quilt done.  I bought some Bliss floral for a border but might need an inner border also.  I guess I won’t know until the blocks are sewn together.

Weather update:  The ice is almost gone but the snow still has a way to go.  The temperature should stay above freezing all day so we are making progress.



  1. Can't wait to see your blocks on the design wall. Mine are still in a bag, waiting for the UFO # to be drawn later this year. Glad the ice is gone and the weather is improving. It should be in the mid 70's here today :).

  2. Pretty soon you will have a beautiful leaders and enders creation!

  3. Love the red and aqua together

  4. I drove through Atlanta Sunday and Monday. Thanks for having a clear I85 for me/us. ;-)


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