Saturday, January 15, 2011

Weather Getting Better

This is about how I felt yesterday.  Just wanted to curl up in a blanket and sleep.  I had other things to do so Max took care of it for me.  The dogs are as tired of the weather as I am.  Chula especially doesn’t want to go out in the snow any more.

About the snow – it is still here but is now covered with a thin layer of ice.  Not good.  It did get above freezing for a few hours today but it is starting to freeze again. 

The quilt shop was open today and I think we are back on track.  Bill has been driving me to work since he has been unable to get his truck up the hill.  After he got home from work, he was able to drive the truck and went to Home Depot and picked up road salt.  He dug out some of the ice in the street in front of the house and then walked up the hill with the salt.  Hopefully that will allow him to drive his truck tomorrow so I can have the car to go to work.

The weather tomorrow is predicted to be above freezing for about 14 hours so hopefully much of the ice will melt.  Enough is enough!

We have a retreat scheduled for next weekend up in the North Georgia Mountains.  We will be doing a mystery quilt and I will be teaching a special small project.  We are doing a take-off on Oprah’s favorite things.  Maetha will be Oprah, Henry is Steadman and guess who is going to be Gayle – lucky me.  At least we are scheduled to have good weather.


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  1. How fun your retreat sounds. Your weather? not so much,


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