Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Another Snow Day

Today was supposed to be the start of our yearly BOM project at guild but the weather is still too bad.  Our rule is that if the Cobb County Schools are cancelled, our meeting is cancelled.  We are going to focus on embroidery this year so delaying a month will be fine.  It is too dangerous with ice on the roads to be out driving anyway.

I got a lot of sewing done yesterday.  While Bill was watching football (sleeping on the couch) I finished piecing my Piecemaker’s block swap quilt/wall hanging.  Barb made the embroidery in the center for me and the black/white blocks were cut from the swap blocks we exchanged in July. The green is my usual neutral.

It is only about 18 inches wide right now.  I think it needs borders but I am not sure what type of border would work.  Does anyone have any ideas?  Help!

After finishing this, I made one block for the block lotto.  I washed enough fabric of one blocks so have to wait until the rest is dry.  Since I don’t usually wash my fabric, I washed enough strips to make 8 more blocks and they are stuck on the shower door to dry.  I will put them together tomorrow.



  1. Love your quilt - the black and white is very dramatic. I think a border in a black or black with a little white in it would set everything off nicely. Great lotto block too!

  2. Do you have a black and white dot fabric in your stash?

  3. Hey there, MeLinda. I live in Marietta, too:) Love, Love, Love your embroidery quilt. Green is my favorite color and what you have done with it it stunning:) I can't wait to see it completed.

  4. I think I just lost my comment ...hope I'm not repeating myself!
    I love it that you see lime green as a neutral...I love lime green!
    I would probably insert a little line of black around that inside block..maybe a line of ricrac around? And then a thin border of black around the quilt, and a larger border of green? It's been fun to think about possibilities :)


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