Friday, January 21, 2011

Houses Received

The weather finally allowed the post office to start delivering mail on Tuesday.  It took a couple of days for all of our mail from last week to be delivered but my houses from Beth arrived

What a wonderful neighborhood I am going to have with these houses as the focal point.

We are off to the retreat this morning.  I am picking up Danielle around 7:30 and we are headed up to the North Georgia Mountains.  The retreat starts at noon and I have a lot to do before the guests actually arrive.



  1. They are very cute. Just had to tell you I love your header. What a lot of hexagons!

  2. I like the header too.
    Can you believe there were 99 house blocks made in this project? I'm looking forward to using my blocks (including the one you made). You got a nice batch too.

  3. I love all the wonderful house blocks.


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