Friday, January 28, 2011

Gyleen Fitzgerald

Gyleen Fitzgerald was the teacher at a workshop today.  I proctored the class so I was busy helping her sell books and rulers, etc.  I also went and picked up lunch and helped clean up.  It really helps to have someone who is not in the class available to the teacher and today it was me.

She taught the pattern she calls The Quilt of the Century and it features an inset square.  She has a wonderful way of doing what she calls Butterfly Seams.  Here are her samples that she brought to class.

Here are some of the quilts that were worked on today.

What a great pattern and technique to inset the squares.  It was amazingly simple.

Tomorrow she is going to lecture about color.  Based on the quilts she showed today, she should have a lot to share.  Here are a couple of very colorful pineapple quilts she showed today.

As you can tell, she loves scrap quilts.  She cuts 1 1/2 inch strips that she calls trash – there is a great ruler and book so of course I ended up purchasing both.



  1. What fun! It sounds like a great class.

  2. I love the inset squares: would like to know how to do that.


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