Friday, April 16, 2010

My Daughter Christina’s Birthday

Christina 2010

42 years ago today, my daughter Christina was born in Long Beach, California.  She is my baby but I don’t understand how she got to be 42 years old when I do not feel that much older than that myself.

The photo above is from her facebook page with her son Emilio.  She teaches elementary school in San Francisco where I am sure the kids are helping her celebrate.

Happy Birthday Christina!  I love you!

Mom (Melinda)


  1. Happy Birthing Day!

  2. She's beautiful and I hope she has a happy birthday. My baby is 44. Impossible.

  3. I so understand the feeling of "how did they get so old?" But isn't it fun to be so proud of your own child even when she is still not a child?


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