Monday, April 26, 2010

Design Wall Monday

I have something new on my design wall today.  I have been playing with this set of tumbler blocks that I purchased precut from Jackie at Canton Village Quilt Works.  They are cut with the AccuCut tumbler die.

I don’t think 99 of them will be enough to make a decent size quilt.  I may have to contact Jackie and see if she will cut me another group of them.  My other option is to do an alternate block – perhaps a batik.  I am open to opinions so if you would like to share your idea, please comment. 

By the way, I just threw them up on the wall and haven’t done any rearranging yet.  I will play more with them as I decide what to do with the project.

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  1. pretty good layout for not playing with them! A batik alternate block sounds like a good option.

  2. These would be so fun to play with! What about a pure solid alternate - black or lime green come to mind. Have fun with it!

  3. Love your tumblers - and you didn't even have to cut them! I would probably get more tumblers and keep it a 1-block quilt. Have fun playing!

  4. These are so fun! You could have some fun with adding borders to bring up the size.

  5. Melinda your tumblers are beautiful. I’ve seen them made both ways and think with those fabrics it will still be a beautiful quilt. If you choose to add an additional fabric, how about adding a batik.

  6. They look terrific, Melinda! Did you get my e-mail about more tumblers? I certainly can make you more, no problem. Just tell me how many you would like.


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