Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Beginning Machine Piecing – Morning #3

Not everyone was able to come to the morning session today.  Hopefully they can come next week and get caught up. First we looked at everyone’s nine patch blocks from last week.

Then we moved on to log cabin blocks.  Log cabin blocks are usually either the favorite or the most hated block we make. 

They each got one block done and got started on a second one.  They seemed to enjoy they way I teach them to make the blocks.  We measure after each log is added which makes it easy to make adjustments.

After class, I took a nap – I am still not recovered from my cold and the allergy season is also in full bloom here in Atlanta.  I still can’t imagine how there can be a scale of 1-120 and we register 5700+.  Makes no sense to me.

More fun this evening with the rest of the beginners.



  1. Blocks lookin real good. I personally have a love affair with the log cabin!


  2. Looks like you have a great class going on! I hope you feel better with your allergies.

  3. Oh yes. Allergy season............


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