Saturday, April 24, 2010

Friday at the Quilt Shop

I worked at the quilt shop again today.  On Friday's we have Quilt Till You Wilt where customers can come in and sew all day.  We had a relatively small group today and several of them worked on pillowcases for children with cancer.  Here is Marcia with her first finished project – a pillowcase. Doesn’t she look happy?

By the way, can you see “Frankly My Dear”, the Scarlett Gone With the Wind quilt in the upper left corner?  I am beginning to like the quilt again – I think the pain of making it is starting to fade.

I finished binding the Five, Ten, Twenty quilt this evening so here is a photo of my next project.  We got this luscious new flannel in and I am going to make a quick Wacky Devine Nine quilt.

The printed patchwork will be the backing.  The nine fat quarters are in the front, with the green floral for the outside border and the pink polka dots for the inside border.  There is a stripe for a bias striped border.



  1. Oh my I'm in love with your new project. Love the fabric and colors. Pink and flowers and I'm there. Enjoy

  2. Hi Melinda! I like your Pink & Green moment (I know it won't last!) and want to let you know to expect me Monday night. And I want to be in the next Wacky Divine 9 class!

  3. Those pillowcases look great. I always find them so hard to do.


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