Saturday, February 23, 2008

Making mesh bags for Red Top

We will be going to our retreat in a little more than a week and we had a work day on Tuesday making a mesh bag for each person. The fabric used was some that I got at Tiny Stitches that has quilters on it. We made 45 bags in a couple of hours. These will be part of the goodie bag that each person gets at the retreat.

Mary and I are in charge of entertainment. We are going to play Quilto one night and quilt charades one night. We also have a mystery item that we will be giving to each person to decorate and will have a prize for the best decoration. I can't say what the item is, since some of the members read my blog, but it will be fun. Last year we decorated cowboy hats that I found at the dollar store. The dollar store is where we found this year's mystery item.

The theme of this years retreat is a murder mystery. Polly Pureseams apparently was murdered and one of the retreaters killed her. We will get clues during the retreat and there is a prize for the person who figures out who the murderer is. Dave and Tina are the retreat chairpeople and they are also going to be the quilt police. Should be a lot of fun.


  1. This sounds like such fun. I am sure everyone will enjoy it. Marian

  2. Those bags are adorable. Your retreat sounds like a lot of fun.


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