Thursday, May 03, 2007

Strings and Gwen Marston

Gwen Marston came to our guild last week and taught two workshops. One was liberated stars and the second one was string quilts. I haven't taken a photo of my stars yet but here are some from the string quilt workshop.

Here is a photo of Gwen and me, with my strings in my hand and behind me on the design board. I have lots and lots of Christmas fabrics so decided to use some of them to make a Christmas quilt. I got quite a few blocks done.

These will finish at 6 inches each. I think I will sew them together in groups of four and then audition sashing. I have strip scraps that can be used for cornerstones.

I would like to make a few more Christmas quilts so everyone can have one.


  1. I so wanted to be at that quild meeting with Gwen and the one with Sharon Craig too. Too bad I had to move. Did you ever get my check for the raffle quilt?

    Love the string blocks.

  2. Your string blocks are gorgeous. I love the colors. I have a box full of string blocks that I need to stitch together. Aren't they fun to make?

  3. Looks like you have a good plan. Your fabrics are beautiful.


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