Saturday, May 26, 2007

Bus Trip to Mary Jo's

The Allatoona guild took a bus trip to North Carolina on Wednesday. We had a great time. We left here at 8am and got to Mary Jo's just after noon. The bus was leaving to come back at 5pm so we had around 5 hours to look and look.

Since I work in a quilt shop, I really didn't need much fabric but did buy a few things that we don't carry in the shop. I got a few black and white prints (my favorite backgrounds), some sewing motif fabrics (not sure what I am ever going to do with my growing collection), a wonderful ethnic fabric that would make great borders and a lime green and brown floral that I just couldn't resist.

Mary and I also had lunch at Longhorns - always good. Some of the members spent the whole 5 hours in the fabric shop but we decided to take a side trip to LongCreek Mills - a thread shop. The bus made two trips there and it was only about 10 minutes away.

The thread above is what I finally decided to buy. It is cotton quilting thread and hopefully my Gammill will like it. I haven't tried it yet as I just finished quilting a very labor intensive custom quilting job for a customer. The thread was so inexpensive that it was hard to believe it could be any good.

We got back to the mall where we left our cars before 10pm and had a great time. I think everyone had fun. We didn't plan or want to make money on the bus trip and the break even point was 40 people. We actually had 42 people pay and go so I was able to purchase a whole bunch of little door prizes that we gave away on the bus. We played a game with prizes also and everyone enjoyed themselves.

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  1. Hi, Melinda!

    Your bus trip sounds like fun.

    I am planning a bus trip for my quilt guild. Could you give me some ideas for games? We aren't buying door prizes because we are going to Opryland Hotel for the AQS quilt show in Nashville. It's $11 to get in, lunch is really expensive there, and we eat dinner on the way home. I think they would rather have their money for the show, than for me to charge them extra and buy them door prizes with their own money.

    One year we had everyone bring an ugly fat quarter. I gave them the pattern for a quilt block. Whatever fat quarter they drew out of the bag, they used it to make a block after they got home. The blocks were collected at the next business meeting, and names were drawn from the people who entered. We had 3 winners of the blocks made with ugly fabric. They actually turned out pretty!

    Do you remember how much your bus cost you? Ours is going to cost $995 plus $1 tip for the driver. I always add the tip in the bus trip cost.

    I've had fun reading your blog!



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