Wednesday, May 09, 2007

First Completed Quilt

I was going through some photos that my son gave to me last year and found this photo of my first completed quilt. After my disastrous first quilting class where the quilt police were alive and well, I finally revolted and thought about giving up quilting all together.

After cooling down for a couple of months I found another quilt shop near where I lived in Sydney and tried again. This time there was a wonderful teacher who was very supportive. The class I took was quilt as you go log cabin and I used red and blue scrappy fabrics. I guess I have loved scrappy quilts from the very beginning of my quilting experience.

I don't think I will ever make another quilt as you go project, this was my first and last one. The blocks were about 12-14 inches square which meant a lot of handwork putting it together. I got it done though and gave it to my son who is now living in Sweden. At the time, he and his wife (before they got married) were visiting me in Australia during his summer break from college and he took it home with him.

They use it as a picnic quilt, much to the dismay of their Swedish friends. He is doing exactly what I made it for - using it with the children and enjoying it. It is apparently showing it's age and wearing out in a few places but that is fine with me. It is about 16-17 years old and was always meant as a utility quilt. When it completely wears out, I will make another picnic quilt for them.

My son tells his Swedish friends that they belong to the quilt of the month club which is not much of an exageration. They are generally amazed at the quilts that they own. I still need to finish the blue and white star quilt that I am working on for them - it will get done some day!


  1. The log cabin if very pretty. My sons *use* their quilts too - they're pretty hard on them but I guess they feel like they have a never ending supply of them. They usually get a new one every year.

  2. The log cabin is cute. I think that is great that he uses the quilts you make. Quilt of the month club that could be a whole new thing.

  3. You are a very generous momgrandma to give away so many quilts to be loved and well used!
    Happy Mother's Day!


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