Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Cool Ties for the Troops in Iraq

The Allatoona guild met today to make cool ties for the troops. We started at 9:30 and were finished, including lunch by 12:30. We made 118 ties and will get them in the mail tomorrow. This time we are sending them to the son of one of our members who is with Military Intelligence. He can distribute them to the soldiers around him.
Barb had the group organized well. We had people who sewed, turned, pinned, trimmed, filled and finished the ties. She had them all cut out so it went very quickly. I had enough WaterSorb left from last year to do this batch. Will have to order more if we do it again.

Barb also made sloppy joes for lunch for everyone. There were a couple of cakes and a big box of cookies also. Plenty for everyone to eat.

I had eight little door prizes left over from the bus trip so we gave them away to people who showed up today. One of the members had her 11 year old daughter helping so she did the door prizes and even won one herself.

We do a community service day on the 5th Tuesday of the months that have one. Next time we will be working on Quilts of Valor for wounded soldiers - our community services days have been very successful this year.

Barb also purchased small beads and put them on safety pins for each of the members to pin onto their name badges. Just another little incentive for everyone to help.

Tomorrow, I have signed up for a class at Fiber on a Whim using the Embellisher. I guess I will have to take mine out of the box and plug it in to make sure it actually works before I go. Finally something to do with all the wool roving I have collected over the past couple of years.


  1. Will you share with us how to make the cool ties please?

  2. I was looking to see if Cindy was in one of the photos. Sounds like you guys got a lot accomplished.


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