Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Embellisher Class

I took a class at Fiber on A Whim today on the Embellisher. My friend Sharon was the instructor. I broke down and bought the Janome Embellisher a couple of months ago and finally took it out of the box last night to get ready for the class today. It is a very simple machine. It doesn't use thread but has 5 needles. My hubby calls it a fabric stabbing machine which is pretty accurate. Most of the class had Babylock machine but one other person had the same one I have.

Here I am at the machine. Sharon was very organized and we made several samples testing different techniques. I have photos of a few of them here and will post a couple more tomorrow.

This was the last piece we did. We used a sticky backed water-soluble stabilizer and put lots of stuff on it. Started with roving, dyed scim and yarn. I had a piece of netting that I used as a base.

The piece above is just cheap craft felt. This is actually the back of the piece.

Here is the front - It has an additional felt piece in the center that was felted and then scrim added to it.

What fun this machine/technique is. My Embellisher also has a one needle attachment for doing more precise work. I can't wait to play more with it - just what I need, another obsession.

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