Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Fabric Postcards for the Guild

The East Cobb Quilters Guild is having our every other year show this September. The raffle quilt that I quilted will be given away at the show. For publicity, we decided that it would be good to have something quilty to send to the media. Since I have traded many, many, many postcards and have taught postcard classes several times, I volunteered, or was volunteered to teach a workshop on fabric postcards. We combined the workshop with a bee meeting that I organize for the guild and had about 25 people show up. The price for the workshop was that they each make at least one postcard to give to the publicity committee.

Here are some members making their postcards.

Here are most of the postcards that were made for the guild - aren't they wonderful?

On the table are some of my postcards that I have traded - I brought them all for inspiration and everyone enjoyed looking at them.

Here is a mother/daughter team having fun.

Ray made postcards like he was part of a sweatshop - he completed several and has more almost finished. I think he did about 16 of them.

More bee members with their postcards.

We really had a great time. Almost everyone that attended is planning on making more postcards for their friends and family. Also many of them are making extras for the guild. All, in all, a very sucessful day.


  1. Looks like great fun!
    You sure have traded a lot of postcards and have a wonderful collection!

  2. Melinda, if all goes well, I'm coming to the East Cobb quit show in September with a group from my guild, Birmingham Quilters Guild. Hope to see you there. (Wear a nametag.)

  3. What a productive group! Love the postcards. Where is the quilt show going to be?

  4. Looks and sounds like you ladies and gentleman had great fun and got a lot done.

  5. Melinda -
    I enjoyed meeting you at the Gwen Marston workshops and love your blog. Since I can't make it to all the East Cobb meetings, I feel like your blog keeps me up to date!

    I'm tagging you! If you choose to participate, just list seven things we might not otherwise know about you. Then tag up to seven other bloggers to do the same! I just listed mine at:


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