Sunday, August 09, 2009

Starting a Halloween Quilt

I have been looking at the Halloween fabrics in the shop ever since they came it.  We cut fat quarters out of most of the fabrics so I decided to pick out nine of the brightest ones to make yet another Wacky Devine Nine.  Here they are.


The striped fabric will be the inner border and the binding.  The orange polka dot will be the outside border.  I don’t know what there is about Halloween fabrics but they just call out to me every year.  I guess there might be a limit to how many Halloween quilts I can make but I haven’t reached it yet!



  1. Wonderful fabrics! I agree with you, there is something special with Halloween fabrics, I want to have them all.....

  2. Love those fabrics. The quilt will truly be divine.

  3. Ok is the divine nine done yet? I'm coming to see you tomorrow...can't wait.



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