Sunday, August 23, 2009

Progress on Halloween Quilt

I worked a little on the Halloween quilt this morning before going to work (Tiny Stitches is open on Sunday’s from 1-5).  This is a very easy pattern called Wacky Devine Nine from Two Wacky Women (my sister’s company).

Somehow, while sewing the fabrics together I mixed them up so had to do a little unsewing before getting them resewn in the proper order.  Here is is on my design wall in what I think is the final setting.

This is such a quick and easy quilt to make.  I have a striped inner border and orange polka dot outer border.  I still need to pick up a backing – I forgot to get it today so will try to remember to get it on Wednesday when I go to teach the wonderful beginners.


1 comment:

  1. Great quilt. Is that Gobble Gobble fabric. Cuz if it is I need some!



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