Monday, August 03, 2009

Christmas in July

I have had a lot of computer problems recently, including Comcast accidently disconnecting our cable for almost three days.  I also bought a new laptop during the tax free period we had last weekend in Georgia and of course it isn’t as easy to set up as it should be.  I finally have things working – kind of so thought I would post at least a couple of photos and try to get caught up.

0709 Wacky Christmas

This first quilt is a flannel Wacky Devine Nine that I made for Tiny Stitches’ Christmas in July.  I didn’t really mean for the red blocks to be in rows like it turned out but I like it anyway.  I had to quilt it in a hurry so did a quick freehand swirl all over it.

0709 Christmas Panel Quilt 0709 Panel Quilt Finished

This next one is a very simple panel quilt.  I love the non-traditional Christmas colors.  I backed it with Minkee.  This one also got a quick freehand swirl.

I have lots more to post about now that I seem to be able to do it easily.



  1. I love those colors on the panel one. Who knew we could get away from red and green!?!?! Why did that take so many years. Love it! And I really enjoyed your freehand swirl doesn't look like free hand to me!

  2. You're back.....I was beginning to wonder what happened to you.

  3. Beautiful quilting on those!


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