Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Hexie Club

Last night was Hexie Club.  We had a wonderful time if you can imagine everyone sewing, talking and sharing projects all at once.  We put our latest hexie BOM blocks up on the design wall.

0414 April Meeting

As you can see, we all put something in our baskets – most of us added flowers but on the bottom right, Michele put eggs in hers.  We had our usual discussion guessing what the May block will be and the conclusion was flowers of some sort.  As usual, we can hardly wait.

Last month I shared this hexie pouch project with the group and two people finished theirs – unfortunately I only got a photo of one.  Rosemarie found the hexie print in the scrap bucket and fussy cut the small hexies from the bigger print.

0414 Rosemarie's Hexie Bag



Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Beginning Machine Piecing–Class Two

Here is the homework from yesterday.  At the first class we made rail fence blocks and they finished them during the week.

0414 Rail Fence

After admiring all the blocks, we trimmed them down to 6 1/2 inches square and moved on to nine patches.

0414 Nine Patches

Can’t wait until next week!


Monday, April 14, 2014

Design Wall Monday–April 14, 2014

Today on my design wall I have my Sisters Choice blocks.  There are only six blocks so far but I have several more kits ready to make several more. Bonnie Hunter shows her quilt without sashing but her backgrounds are much more calm – with black and whites, they are much busier and will need some calming down.  I am thinking of scrappy blacks and will have to think about cornerstones.


For some reason, there is a lot of red in these blocks but the next batch is more varied.  I am using green for the star points but anything goes for the nine patches.

For more design walls, go to Patchwork Times here.


Sunday, April 13, 2014

Bonnie Hunter Club at Tiny Stitches

We had a great time at Bonnie Hunter club today.  I spent my time cutting for my bowtie leader/ender project and kitting up some Sisters Choice blocks.  I think I need 64 blocks to make the size quilt I want as I am going to add some sashing.  My background fabric is just too busy not to have sashing.  Unfortunately I can’t locate a photo right now.  I will try to get them on the design wall for tomorrow.

Michele brought two quilts to share.

0414 Michele 1

0414 Michele 2

Nancy also brought two.

0414 Nancy 1

0414 Nancy 2

and finally – Marla also brought two.

0414 Marla 1

0414 Marla 2

Lots of fun, as usual.


Thursday, April 10, 2014

Quilty Fun

Our Quilty Fun club met tonight. Most people have finished their first row of four patches. I finished the second row which is butterflies. 

Here is the design wall with all the rows on it. 

Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Sampler Savvy - Class two

All the students did a wonderful job with the first two blocks of our sampler. This wee we worked on a churn dash and a kaliedoscope block. 

Tuesday, April 08, 2014

A New Beginning Machine Piecing Class

A new class started last night.  There are 6 wonderful women in the class and they did so very well in the first class.  As usual, we worked on getting an accurate 1/4 inch seam and how to correctly cut the fabric.  They started making rail fence blocks for the first row of their quilt.  Here is the sample of the class project.

Here are the fabrics they have chosen to use.

0414 Fabric 1

0414 Fabric 2

0414 Fabric 3

0414 Fabric 4

0414 Fabric 5

0414 Fabric 6

As usual, looking at the different fabric choices is so much fun.


Monday, April 07, 2014

Hexie BOM–Not Quite Up To Date

Here are my first three months of the Hexie BOM.  This month is a basket and I have the hexies basted but not yet sewn together.  That is a project for today.

Here are ones I have so far.  I still need to finish appliqueing them to the background. Only the heart is finished at this point.


For more design walls, go to Patchwork Times.


Sunday, April 06, 2014

Atlanta Modern Quilters Guild Meeting

Another fun meeting of the Atlanta Modern Quilters Guild this morning at Tiny Stitches.  Instead of our usual program, we made stilettos.  It was fun and here is a photo of mine.

0414 Stilleto

Just a turkey lacer and beads with a little super glue – fun and easy.

After the meeting Karen came by and had her hexie BOM partway done.  All the hexies were made but not yet sewn together.  Love it.

0414 Karen

She also made a couple of pin cushions from a pattern we found last month.  These are also very cute!

0414 Karen's Pin Cushions


Saturday, April 05, 2014

Hexie BOM

Rosemarie (our Hexie Club overachiever) brought her April 1/4 inch hexie block into Saturday Sampler this morning.  She added flowers to the basket and it is so cute.  I think I will put flowers in mine also.

0414 Rosemarie

We have several basket weave fabrics at the shop – I might pick up 1/8 yard of a few to make the basket scrappy.


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