Wednesday, August 05, 2009


Judy of Patchwork Times is asking about hand knit socks. Here are the first pair of socks (only pair) I made.  I had to take two different classes before I got them done.  I want to make another pair – actually I probably have enough yarn to make more socks than I can ever wear.  I am not sure I remember how to make them.  I have the pattern but might need help figuring it out.  I used two circular needles to make these and that is what I want to do again.

I really love these socks and they are incrediably comfortable.  I guess I better find the needles, pattern and yarn and get started again.



  1. Love the colors you used and your stripes match perfectly. Good for you!

  2. Love these fun socks! We're having a sock summit (not just socks) here in Portland, Oregon this coming weekend. Some people are calling it "Woodsock". I can hardly wait!

  3. Super looking socks. What was the fiber? And, I assume they were self striping. Share the details if you remember. And are they washable? Thanks.


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