Thursday, August 20, 2009

Exactly the Same Only Different

My sister Robin and I frequently sew together and make quilts that start out with the same fabric but when we end up, we have quilts that are very different.  Several years ago, we decided to make a Hidden Wells quilt from a Mary Ellen Hopkins pattern.  We went to M & L Fabrics with Billie Lauder (long story there) and she helped us pick out fabrics.  She pushed us to use fabrics that we ordinarily wouldn’t even think to pick.  We started with exactly the same fabrics but as you can see below, they look quite different.

Hidden Wells

Each of us have one daughter and they have the quilts now.  The one on the left belongs to Robin’s daughter and the one on the right is in San Francisco with my daughter.  It is on the bed in their guest room so I sleep under it when I visit.

This is a fun quilt to make and we had a great time doing them.


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